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Whether you need a simple and sturdy gate or a more decorative option, we have the perfect solution to elevate the entrance to your property.

Southeastern Massachusetts Gate Solutions

At Stafford Fence, our high-quality gates are crafted in-house and provide a secure and stylish entry point to your property. With a range of materials, designs, and automated options available, our gates can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Trust us to install a new gate for your property that enhances curb appeal, security, and convenience.

Our team can design and install nearly any custom gate you can imagine. We specialize in estate gates and security spaces for commercial spaces, as well as automatic gates for homes and businesses. Whether you need a new and improved gate for your existing property or an entirely new fence and gate system, we have you covered.

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Gate Safety

At Stafford Fence, we deeply understand the importance of gate safety, treating every project as if it were for our own family or place of business.

Ensuring the safe operation and reliability of all types of gates, including automated gates, is not just a part of our job - it's a commitment we uphold passionately. We believe in going above and beyond when it comes to safety standards.

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Consult our gate specialists for personalized assistance to enhance your property entrance. Gain expert insights and guidance to create a custom gate solution suited to your needs.

Our Most Popular Gate Options

Residential and commercial access control system setup and installation in the Southeastern Massachusetts area.

Southeastern Massachusetts Access Control

Access control systems are essential for managing entry and exit points at your home or business, enhancing security, and controlling traffic flow. Our access control solutions include keypads, card readers, intercoms, and more, allowing you to regulate access for authorized personnel, guests, and approved visitors.

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Commercial Barrier gate company in the Southeastern Massachusetts area.

Southeastern Massachusetts Barrier Gates and Traffic Arms

Barrier gates and traffic arms are a great way to secure a commercial property from unauthorized vehicles. These gates can be automated for convenient operation, providing security and traffic management. Our barrier gates and traffic arms are built to withstand heavy use and harsh weather conditions, ensuring they are reliable and long-lasting.

Commercial Cantilever gate company in the Southeastern Massachusetts area.

Southeastern Massachusetts Cantilever Gates

Cantilever gates are a popular choice in the New England region for both commercial and residential properties. Our team specializes in cantilever gates that are custom-designed for each and every project. Cantilever gates open without the need for a ground track, making them a great choice for challenging terrain and uneven driveways.

Residential and commercial custom gate company in the Southeastern Massachusetts area.

Southeastern Massachusetts Custom Gates

Custom gates offer a personalized entrance to make a statement. Our custom gates are tailored to the specific requirements and design preferences of each client, whether you need a gate for additional security or decorative charm. From size and style to materials and finishes, our custom gates can be a reflection of you!

Residential estate gate company in the Southeastern Massachusetts area.

Southeastern Massachusetts Estate Gates

Estate gates are designed to make an elegant entrance to your residential property. Our estate gates are custom-designed to complement the look of your property using high-quality materials and attention to detail. Our custom estate gates are designed to match your existing fence and create a reliable, convenient entrance.

Commercial Slide gate company in the Southeastern Massachusetts area.

Southeastern Massachusetts Slide Gates

Slide gates are a practical and space-saving solution for properties with limited room or small driveways. These gates operate by sliding horizontally along a track following the fence line, making them ideal for areas where space is a concern. Our slide gates are designed and installed to provide reliable access for properties.

Residential and commercial gate operator installation company in the Southeastern Massachusetts area.

Southeastern Massachusetts Gate Operators

Gate operators control the movement of your automatic gate to provide convenient and secure access for your home or business. Our gate operators are designed for efficiency and reliability and are installed by our trained and experienced team. We offer a range of styles, from sliding gates to swing gates and more.

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Commercial swing gate company in the Southeastern Massachusetts area.

Southeastern Massachusetts Swing Gates

Swing gates provide a traditional and elegant entrance for homes and businesses. We specialize in attractive, strong, and secure swing gates in almost every fencing material. Our swing gates are built with high-quality materials using the expert craftsmanship of our gate professionals for durability and reliable performance.

Gate Solutions Examples

New England Metal X-Brace Swing Gate for Residential and Commercial Properties
Barrier Gate for Commercial Properties, Businesses, or HOAs Across Southeastern Massachusetts
Galvanized Commercial-Grade Chain Link Cantilever Gate for Industrial Complexes
New England Commercial-Grade Chain Link Fence With Privacy Slats
Custom Wood Gate With Steel Framing for Residential and Commercial Properties Across New England
Wood Double Swing Picket Fence for Southeastern Massachusetts Homes or Businesses
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